Bring it Home® Chicago

There is no doubt that one of the best things about South Shore is the shore. Note that the area is also home to a pristine and elegant stretch of lakefront. Also, there are sweeping skyline views, rich cultural offerings, and eye-catching architecture. You will be pleased to know that this neighborhood offers you a range of diverse housing options, from bungalow homes to condominiums.  

And note that the beautiful and striking lakefront views make real estate close to the east certainly the most appealing. Many properties east of Jeffery Boulevard have newer amenities as well as easier access to public services, such as community centers and great schools. With 7 Metra stations in this area, residents of South Shore enjoy an easy and hassle-free commute. Did you know that South Shore also has some prominent and elegant restaurants along both 75th and 71stStreets?

Grills and some family-owned fast food establishments are the most common and provide everything from Chinese takeout to burgers.  On the other hand, finer restaurants in the area are located east of Jeffery Boulevard.