Bring it Home® Chicago

We have all experienced several problems in 2021 due to the pandemic that have changed our view towards life. While it’s true that the beginning of 2021 has not gone so well, you can end the year in a special and memorable way.

Well, you can participate in a cause that can help people caught into problems because of the coronavirus crisis. The cause also helps people who are simply facing issues in their life because of other reasons. You can also partake in activities and festivals that can help you forget the heart wrenching events of 2021. Or you can simply visit an event with your friends and family to spend quality time with them again.

The best part is that Chicago is ready to offer you anything you want to conclude this year with happiness, fun, and satisfaction. The Ignatia House’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Light Up the Lake at Navy Pier are two events you should check out. Visit it with your family and friends.  Here are all of the things that you can expect when going to these events.

Ignatia Houses Annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

If you want to make a difference, participating in a food drive can be a great option.

Highlights of the Event

The event focuses on supporting the local community. You can find several things at the event – from food to activities. Each activity at the Ignatia House Annual Spaghetti Dinner raises funds, which will later serve several purposes.

You will be able to observe speaker meetings, silent auctions, and much more. The organizers for this event will also use the money to support a sober residential environment for women of the community.

The venue, Time, and Date

The location of this event is St Gregory’s Gymnasium, 1609 West Gregory Street, Chicago, IL. It will take place on 13th November, and start by 5:30 pm, and will continue till 9:30 pm. However, if you want to enjoy each part of this festival and serve the Chicago community, you should reach on time.


So, if you are planning to make your Saturday evening impactful, you need to purchase tickets. The tickets are available from this website for just $25. You need to book the tickets in advance, as the tickets might not be available at the event location.

Light Up the Lake at Navy Pier

This is another amazing event that will help you make these last months of 2021 memorable.

Highlights of the Event

It is a relatively new holiday adventure in Chicago. You will observe an indoor temperature-controlled environment that features more than 600,000 twinkling lights. The festival will also feature an authentic holiday beer garden, a massive Alpine ice rink, gift market. Children will even be able to enjoy the Santa’s Merry Main Street Kiddie train rides and much more.

Whether you go with friends or family, you will be able to find an ample variety of activities to enjoy together. Furthermore, there will be several date-night activities and shopping opportunities to make your day more exciting and mesmerizing.

The bright lights and festive atmosphere makes the venue very Instagram-able. So, be ready to capture lots of memorable moments. Other things you can enjoy in this place include:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Wine or beer tasting
  • Scenic views
  • Amazing rides- both for children and adults
  • Hotels

The venue, Time, and Date

If you are looking for real fun, then you need to visit Festival Hall at Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL. The event will begin from 26th November 2021 and continue till 2nd January 2022. There is no particular time, you can visit the place whenever you want.

But of course, to enjoy this festival to its fullest, you should spend a complete day at the venue.


The tickets are available on the website for just $13.50 per person. The most appealing thing is that you will get rid of the iconic Centennial Wheel for free after booking the ticket. This wheel offers you exceptionally beautiful views of the entire city. The view of the city on the wheel becomes even more beautiful when the festive season rolls around.