Bring it Home® Chicago

Are you craving breakfast and brunch food? While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, note that when the weekend rolls around, it is all about the best breakfast and brunch in Chicago.

Bacon, fresh fruits, pancakes, bottomless mimosas, or eggs benedict- whatever your weak spot may be, Chicago has some of the best breakfast and brunch spots. And it is no secret why brunch went from just a casual and infrequent slang into a ritualistic celebration, and usually a great reason to make it to the weekend. Everyone craves a good breakfast/brunch outing, and the Windy City has some seriously good and delicious morning eats.

Here are some of our favorite breakfast and brunch places so that you may start your day on the right foot.

Pick Me Up Cafe

While this funky and cool cafe is open almost all hours, you will love it for its amazing breakfast and brunch menu. The best thing about Pick Me Up Cafe is that it has a quirky and fun vibe with mismatch tables, brightly colored decor, and a cozy atmosphere.

Note that its delicious breakfast and weekend brunch menus also have tons of vegan and vegetarian options as well, so it is an ideal place for anyone’s diet. You will love their Florentine Benedict that comes with 2 poached eggs, fresh goat cheese, sautéed spinach, and a tasty homemade hollandaise sauce.


Although Etta has not been open very long, it has soon become one of the favorite restaurants in Chicago when it comes to brunch. Keep in mind that the space is beautiful and vibrant; it is located in the heart of Wicker Park. Also, everything is just top-notch. You can split the focaccia with jam and ricotta with your friends, and indulge in Etta Soft Scramble. You can also try their homemade cinnamon roll, which is scrumptious.

Ann Sather

Ann Sather is another Chicago classic and is famous for its homemade and hearty breakfast and lunch cuisines at its 3 Chicago locations. Did you know that the versatile menu at Ann Sather includes sandwiches, soups, salads, omelets, scrambles, mac and cheese, and even some Norwegian and Swedish classics, such as cinnamon rolls as well as bagels and lox?

Ann Sather is also an excellent option for hearty fare, low prices, and friendly staff. The restaurant is open daily from 7 am till 3 pm on weekdays, and 7 am to 4 pm on weekends.

Kanela Breakfast Club

Kanela Breakfast Club has several locations across Chicago and offers several healthy, sweet, and tasty breakfast dishes at reasonable prices. Did you know that the Boystown location was Kanela Breakfast Club’s first restaurant?

Today it continues to serve amazing Julius Meinl Coffee and mouthwatering signature cocktails, from rhubarb iced-tea vodka to rum chais at the chic and trendy bar. You will also love the Kanela cinnamon chip pancakes. They are also a must-try at this airy and bright restaurant, as are their Greek doughnuts and red velvet French toast. So, you have plenty of choices.

The Allis

This is another great spot. On the ground floor of this hip-to-a-fault and chic Soho House, The Allis remarkably keeps pace with stylish subway tile, opulent chandeliers, and plush seating. Note that the space provides you with several ways to brunch, from long working tables to tight and intimate nooks and comfy couches.

You can indulge in pastries (a savory cruffin and croissants) if you are a grab-and-go guest. In contrast, if you want to sit down, you will find heartier options as well.  Also, you may want to try the warm coconut pudding, which is a looker, topped with nuts, pears, seeds, and cacao nibs.

Hashbrowns Café

In November 2005, Hashbrowns Café officially opened its doors to the residents of Little Italy with the main goal of creating a high-quality and quick-dining experience. The restaurant serves a lot of hash browns; however, they also offer a variety of pancakes, egg sandwiches, waffles, and omelets.


Did you know that Top Chef alum CJ Jacobson’s amazing and chic Mediterranean spot has been killing the brunchtime pick-up and delivery business every Saturday since the quarantine took effect? It has been spoiling weekend isolationists with its housemade spreads, hummus, kebabs, and many other mezze shareables. On Mother’s Day, the restaurant expanded its horizons with many mom-friendly bundles, such as the $40 Bagels and Bubbly package, which is great.

The Publican

Note that just like there is no need for an alarm clock on the weekends, there is really no reason to count calories at brunch. This chic West Loop establishment is amazing as it offers both outdoor and indoor seating for pigging out on whitefish-topped bagels, stacked biscuit sandwiches, and pork schnitzel sandwiches. You will promote yourself to hero status by ordering the delicious maple-braised bacon for the table to share.